Writer DP! Angelina Sanjana 27 Jan 18 11 Views
You save, you care, you fight,
You tear, you rip your might, 
You need not heed but like,
You fight till your face turns white.

Thr nation enthrusted in your hand so fine, More than Gold, platinum or graphite, May God make everyone as selfless as you, The immortal soul who'll always be remembered for his boon.
Today I stand with my head held high, Infornt of different nations with respect, oh my! Proud to be an Indian, proud to be brown, Proud to be in a nation protected by you.
Last but not the least, I would like to thank you, For doing something while we all just sit and talk, An everlasting inspiration for generations to come, As the selfless, mighty, immortal one.
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