No hopes?

Writer DP! ಧ್ರುವ 27 Jun 17 7 Views
It is the most difficult thing to do
To see within and to be with yourself Its not just words, its because I've been there myself Feel safe to trust my bloody hands, as its the sweat of my soul.
Let's stop cribbing about how this world ain't good enough Start listening to the beautiful song this world's been singing for us Let's groove together for peace & love That's what this planet needs right now.
Stretch your hearts to the one who is drowning in his own tears Share a safe place in your eyes for one who fears I just can't stand it, really can't When people die within wearing a smile out.
I'm here, right here seeing into your soul Let me go through your untold stories Love is universal, it gives a rebirth A rebirth for the one with no hopes.
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