I Love You...

Writer DP! ಧ್ರುವ 26 Dec 16 17 Views
#iloveyou is not to say only when you propose but learn to live along.

When I open the door, I wanna see you I wanna feel you through my eyes Kiss my pain away and show me how to smile Its only you, I wanna see when I open the door.
Fearing, I would hesitate to walk further Can you hold my hand and say it's not that far I keep travelling time to know what I see You just paused the time in my mind.
Let me put my memories into a box And gift it to you with no locks And gift me your heart with pain Its been long healing a soulful heart.
I will hurt you, I will push you But I'll pull you back & kiss you Because I will never stop seeing you Yes! You got me right... I just meant I love you!
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