Writer DP! sweetlin 12 Mar 18 51 Views
Sky has spread it's​ blanket wide across,with one half resting now while I lay wide awake reliving the past. You are there and there and also there, everywhere I turn I see you. The smile, laughter,anger,sorrow and the love and care ,every cell of mine is imprinted with them. I still remember overlooking the road before your shoulder, leaning side ways to get a glimpse of the world before. Little did I know then, the world of mine was just before me. I would have tightened my grasp on you if only I  knew it by then. But how would I,the world of mine never said anything, it was always around me as air on Earth. Little did I know of all that was yet to come,and little did you know that my world will always and forever be the same. Dad.
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