Unconditional Love

Writer DP! Sammy 19 Mar 20 1 Views
You are the power, power supply to the day,
Taking your control entirely , you rule over all that lies ahead 
You are supreme in your own way 
Making sure that we surrender to you,
Bowing down , forgetting all that surround 
Your satisfaction is of utmost importance , for our mind you manipulate , 
Lock stock and barrel you prevail in, 
You are the master of peace 
You are the divine , or one of the beauties of divine must I say 
For you take us to everywhere with closed eyes , 
My sincere prayers to keep our relationship always good, stable, peaceful 
For without your happiness , my day is dead 
Such is my love and care to you , I dedicate all my heart and soul to you 

I love you 😘 
My dear good night sleep 😴
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