Tinker Bell!

Writer DP! sweetlin 13 Mar 18 34 Views
I fix the broken and mend the torn,with a dash of this and a dash of that. I tinker around with a wildness in, life was simpler that way.

Then came you with all your teeth white and a smile to reveal

A blow of pixie dust and a fling up in the air,
We flew higher with laughter and care.
My world was changing before me,
And I did nothing as it was meant to be.

Then came her, the love of your life
I was lost and forgotten ,a strike with knife
Had you understood my voice instead of a squeaky noise,
had I built a tool with something wise
Oh Peter!My Peter!

Never will Neverland be the same,
My attempts to stay invisible in vain
Oh Peter! My Peter!

I will stay with love and care in the never ending land,
Oh Peter!My Peter!
Life was simpler before tinkering everywhere. 
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