Life Worthwhile

Writer DP! Sammy 28 Feb 20 4 Views

It's not about a day or two 
It's not always what you do 
It's not just about making memories few 
It's not what we remembered , it's not about what we knew 
It's not about being there , it's not about being near 
It's not about freezing time , not about how you hear 
It's not about making vows , it's not about tying knots ,
It's not about being perfect , it's not about coming in thoughts 
It's not about physical things , it's not about what you lie 
It's not about making promises and rules ,not about how much you cry ! 

It's love ! Beyond lock stock and barrel !
It's how you feel ! How you feel about the person in every breath , every smile , every time you hear the
voice !
Every time you look at the pictures! 
Every time you recollect a memory 
Every time you hold hands every time you hold on to ! 

Love doesn't just happen once !
You fall in love again and again and again and again 🙂  

Woah! Life's not in just a moment ! 
It's many moments that make Life ! 
Life worthwhile!
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