Stubborn Love

Writer DP! Sammy 31 May 17 20 Views
As I lay down my head on my pillow, wishes flash In mind,
How I wish it was simpler, to make relationships strong ,
It was easy to analyse the right and wrong,
It was easy to talk without hurting ,
And care for each other's feeling 
Instead of abusing , disrespecting ,
We could accept the flaws with care n loving 
How I wish !
It seemed easy to manage love before ,
And once we finally bonded and were together
Our love seemed withering forever 
Those giggles faded , hugs forgotten 
Time together came back never 
And we easily gave up on each other 
Memories became Dreams and  presence is no celebration 
And celebrating those sparkles in eyes every time they met,
Seems more like fantasy that never happened 
And happiness that we assumed to stay ever after............
Lost long way before even before we realised ! 
How I wish we would make a little effort to sustain ! 
All wishes and desires are in vain .
The losses twists and twirls deep inside,
Spreading pain across the mind and heart ,suffering to hide
The struggle heaps up like the tsunami in the eyes filled and shut ,
Rolling down till it meets and melts away the sorrowful thoughts ,
Or washes away the bruises, just them , and not scars.
Engraving till they push away all the hopes and faith 
The faith of returning all those good times washed away , and buried deep within , 
Unfounded , unremembered , unseen and unwanted .
Alas! Ridiculed is the mind , as the heartbeat still takes your name in every prayer and every smile .
As you stay behind every smile ,and in every wish , as you still stay within.
Intending to get rid of the stubborn love , every time it pricks 
May be this is how it is supposed to be..... 
Stubborn and rigid and so will stay strong ,
In all the times , right and wrong.
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