Beyond one word

Writer DP! Sammy 01 Jan 17 21 Views
How will I tell you what you are to me in one word !
For you are that morning coffee whose kiss awakens my soul ,
You are that fragrance of morning mist I love to smell
And sunset of that beautiful evening which I await to see 
You are that prayer I tend to chant in all the times
You are my favourite chocolate that keeps my emotions calm 
You are my bed lamp that keeps my fears away as I sleep in the night
You are my blanket that shields me from harm
You are my shade that protects me from the negative 
You are that rainbow I wait to see after every rain 
You are my champagne for all the victories
You are that feeling of a dream coming true 
You are that joy of flying on clouds 
You are that wish the santa fulfils 
You are that joy of winning a lottery
You are the dessert i need for every   Celebration 
You are the journey I always love to travel 
My love in whole...
You are my lock stock and barrel !
And tell me now...when you are my world
How will I tell you what you are to me in one word !
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