Echoing Whispers

Writer DP! Sammy 02 Dec 16 35 Views

I cry amidst all the love bestowed upon me I regret for everything that I can't be 
I suffer for my past but what's in front I fail to see 
I'm unhappy And helpless and drowned in agony 
Unknown fear from a fallen tear destroy me within slowly 
Conquering all the joy and all the positivity 
The quest to thrive forward and flourish in the present fades fiercely 
And here I suffer for all my faults , as it haunts my thoughts deeply, 
Neither able to love nor hate , the hurting truth standing erectly. 
I detach me from everything around as I walk in my world lonely 
All the desires and beliefs seem a lie and they fade by my side cowardly 
And so I walked away miles apart from everything that provokes to worry 
And a deep voice whispers in my ears, echoes within an unknown energy 
Thoughts fill the calmness, narrating me all that is worthy 
My hopes and strengths cover the pain with love and care and leads me to a discovery 
That all the hurdles devour the mind In cascading negativity 
I walk back to my image walk back to myself wiping tears and making myself free 
From all the sorrows that is temporary 
For life is to be broken , frustrated and confused and be messy 
To love ourselves thoroughly.
 No more hiding, no more falling back, no more worries , but smiles and joy only. 

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