English · Thriller

A Dreamy Adventure

Writer DP! Swathi M Bhat 21 Jan 17 141 Views
It was all dark and Mary could hear someone calling her. Mary! Where are you? But all Mary could see was rocks. There was no way to get out. She was trapped. The sounds of her calling faded away after sometime. Where am I? Am I trapped ? Am I kidnapped ? I wonder what I am supposed to do. I need to stay calm and look for a way out. Mary looked all around her to find some way to go out. Alas! There was no way out from there.:(

"Let me sit for some time. Am soo tired!"
When she was about to sit she heard some sounds behind a huge rock. "Maybe I am imagining things". She heard sounds again. It was not her imagination. She pressed her ear close to the wall. She heard voices of people. " What can people be doing behind that wall ? Should I shout for help ?"

"Come on pull hard.."  said one person. "Its not coming. Its huge " said another person. Mary thought there is something fishy going on. "Its better not to call out for help".  " Clunk" came the sound behind the wall and she could hear whispering sounds of the people.

"Got it " said one person to the other. 
"Come on move fast. We don't have time". 
"Who could they be ? What could they be searching for behind the rocks ? Were they smugglers ? Or thieves ? " thought Mary when suddenly the rock behind which she could hear voices started moving." What on earth could they be moving the rock for ? What if they find out that I am here? Or do they know that I am trapped here ? How did I land here at first case ?" She started to recall how she landed there. She thought the best thing to do now was to hide somewhere. She found a small hole next to her and hid there immediately.

The rock moved and in came three people with two sacks. One person came soo close to her that she feared he might hear her breathe. The three people put the sacks inside and were about to leave. One person went right towards Mary. Mary hid herself as much as possible but all her try went in vain. He saw her hiding in the hole. He held her hand tightly and dropped her to the ground.

When he dropped her to the ground she heard again someone calling her. As she opened her eyes she could see that she was on floor. She had fallen from bed and all these things were happening in her dream. Her mother called her again.. Mary smiled and said "Yesss Mom, coming".
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