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Twist in tale

Writer DP! Sammy 20 Aug 16 24 Views
If love is blind, Friendship must be retarded in all the ways, for it just happens in a most wierd,awful,unexpected,unplanned way but remains sweet and strong forever. 
There were 2 friends who met in an awkward way who thought of hating each other for the rest of their lives but fate turned them up into being super good friends. They shared not same tastes but had same kind of humour which yes is the most essential ingredient in the recipe of good friendship.They shared an unusual bond and loved each other's company beyond all obstacles. They would laugh when they met forgetting the world around,had long conversations about everything which had no meaning too sometimes. They did what they felt and lived in the moment always.Oh then they had love stories in life. Love sometimes is pain in the wrong place. Trust me! These 2 friends loved someone in their lives which happened to be the reason for the friendship break-up. Hold on this is not that story of loving the same person and getting apart.Well these friends got apart for some reason and got apart.what was the reason?
Well Reasons are made up excuses to justify yourself for doing something against your will. 

Hmm And after they got apart they moved on with their busy lives just hoping to meet someday. They lost touch completely. No calls,no messages, no mails,no signs of trying to get in touch again at all. Both just hoped that good things are happening in the other friend's life and so should not be disturbed.While everything was chaos in both of their lives. Breakups,pain,Betrayal,torture everything in different ways in both of their lives. Also new people,new friends, new life everything seemed so changed.They just desperately missed each other's presence but didn't try to contact at all. Days passed into years and the distance too long.You know they say when you are happy you remember the one you love but when you are in pain you remember the one who loves you.This was when  Friend 1 : hey are you happy with me ? Friend 2 : you bet ? Haha Friend 1 : you want this happiness to be with us forever ? Friend 2 : yeah why are you even asking ? Friend 1 : then lets get married ? Friend 2 : @#$%^&!* Friend 1 : I'm serious ! A Known devil is better than an unknown angel .  Friend 2 : actually.... I was thinking of the same but didn't know how to ask you. I never wanted you to think wrong about our friendship.I don't want you to lose faith in friendship.They say that a boy and a girl can't remain friends. But I promise to be the same friend even after marriage.. you know like Husband less and best friend more...... But..... on what basis are you thinking of marrying me? Friend 1 : I thought of writing a poem for your birthday, thought it would be special. You know you came back in a most shocking way this time! Like you found me when I was searching for you. So I thought about you deeply. What you are to me and this is what I felt - you are the joy,you are the smile, You are the reason for me to smile, Through the words that I hear and those I just feel, You remind me to smile every now and then, Whether in front of my eyes or behind, Or just within, You are the joy,you are the smile, You are the reason for me to smile.

And they both got married after 6 years of friendship and 4 years of the "lets get married" relationship.  Love comes best when its value is felt. Friendship comes best when everything else fails.
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