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The game changer.

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"...and then they lived happily ever after.", Anna pulled down her book to see three old  men dozed off and two women in the back gossiping. She quickly took her bag and stormed off. Anna was quite used to this as this had been happening for the past four weeks and all she could do was hope for the best.

"How many people stayed?", Laurel came jumping out of her car. "Five" Anna replied sarcastically. "Well,thats better than yesterday, I mean thats improvement right? Just wait and watch within a few more weeks, you will be announced as the New York's bestseller..", Laurel was the most optimistic person Anna had ever seen and that's probably why she considers her as the mood maker.
But todays was different. Anna didn't want this fire to die. She knew that it was high time she had to do something. 
"Hey Anna...why so gloomy. Wanna ride?" Laurel said as if she was looking at a scum bag.
"No Laurel you go ahed. Not today."
This walk to her house turned out to be life changing. Anna started thinking. Why is it that people don't like her content. Was there something wrong with it? Something wrong with her? I mean her work was pretty descent when compared to the others. Wait thats it. Thats what's wrong. Her work was descent compared to others so why would a reader want to read the same context over and over again. They need something different. If she need to shine, she need to be different. She need to be the game changer.
As soon as she reached home, she threw her bag on the chair and rushed to her study to make a call to the publishers.
"Please sir, I need another chance. I want my earlier book to be taken down and present my new one. "
This confused her publisher. "Um..Anna are you sure. Cause even if you are, I need the new copy in four months. Ive got other clients to deal with too. "
"Got it sir. I won't let you down."
Anna set her laptop in front of her and began creating magic. She hardly ate or slept in those four months. She knew that this was her last shot to prove herself.
"..and the girl called out to him. Her last words were "forgive me" and she vanished. There was only a soulless, lifeless body put there." 
Anna took a deep breath and sent the copy for briefing. It got passed through and she had a feeling that she had made it. It was it. Her hard work was going to pay. 
One month later..
"You ready Anna?" Laurel said with slight sign of worry on her face.  "Yep. All set to go." Anna walked into the cafe with confidence this time. As she sat on the chair, a man emerged almost from nowhere and asked her, " Are you Anna Smith?" "Yeah" "Congratulations ma'am. You're books has been selected as the new-York bestseller ."

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