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Rightfully Yours

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Saturday 9PM, Brooklyn Bridge
Akshatha was on her way home from the airport when she met with a severe road accident. The car from the opposite lane had jumped across the median and hit her car head on. The driver of her car died on the spot. Akshata was in a deep shock with blood all over her face. Police cleared the spot immediately and got her inside an ambulance within 30mins. She was battling for her life.

An hour later, Local News Channel reporting about the accident
The reporter reported the details of the accident and displayed the photos of all the people involved in the crash. The car that jumped the median and banged Akshata’s car was driven by Aakash.
Aakash was Akshata’s classmate at the Brooklyn College. They both were good friends. They both had graduated 3 years ago and since then were in touch with each other occasionally. Unfortunately Aakash died on the way to the hospital.

3 Days Ago, Wednesday 9PM, Dinner Party at a Lounge in Bangalore
Akshata got engaged to Satish 2 days ago. She had taken a week long holiday to be in Bangalore for her Engagement. Her family and Satish’s family were having a get together dinner party before she flew back to Brooklyn the next day. Akshata promised to quit her job before her marriage. She was all set and excited to marry Satish in next 3 months. She hugged Satish and said that she will try to be back as soon as possible and left.

1 Day Ago, Tuesday 11PM, Bachelor Party at a Private Farm House near Bangalore
Satish threw an ultimate bachelor party for his friends at his farm house. He had invited all his close friends to the party and was having a great time. He was sloshed and yet continued to play various games. His friends were sloshed too. Ranjit, a common friend for both Satish and Akshata, walked up to Satish and got emotional and started to blabber about love and marriage. He unknowingly revealed the secret lover who was madly and deeply in love with Akshata for the past 15 years. He spoke about what all gifts and love he has showered upon her all these years including all the romantic love letters that he had written to her, the beautiful poems that he composed on her. Satish’s beautiful time began to turn sour on listening to all this. He digs deep and finds out that person never revealed who he was to Akshata. He learnt that person chose to be a mysterious guy in her life. But that did not give any relief to him. He wanted to find out who that person was. He badly wanted to know what the relation between him and his fiancée was. He decided to investigate further.

Next Day, At the Dinner Party in Bangalore
Satish took Akshata for a walk post their dinner. He tried to get the details about the mysterious lover who was following her for all those years. Not knowing how to start he started casually asking about her friends and said that he was planning a surprise party for them. She was excited about the idea and spoke about Aakash greatly and mentioned that he was her best buddy at the Brooklyn College and he had taken great care of her at times when she needed the most. Satish started to feel that Aakash was indeed the mysterious lover and decided not to go any further as it might plant doubts in her head.

1 Day before the Crash, Friday 10PM, Skype Call
Satish got in touch with his friends to whom he had asked to get more details about Aakash. Most of them suspected that Aakash was indeed the mysterious lover. Satish later called up his brother who was in New York and asked him to do something to Aakash as he couldn’t digest these things. He wanted his brother to get someone to eliminate Aakash.

Sunday 7:30AM, Bangalore, 1 Hour after the crash
Satish was very happy to learn that Aakash was no more. He jumped in joy and felt that there was no end to his happiness. Within the next minute he received another call regarding the accident and the serious condition of Akshata. He was shattered. He thought to himself what he had done. He didn’t have the courage to fly to Brooklyn to be present next to her during this crucial time.
Satish arranged for Akshata’s parents to fly to Brooklyn. He delayed his journey by almost a week as he didn’t have the courage to go there immediately.

1 Week after the Crash, What goes around comes around!
Satish drew all the courage and decided to fly to Brooklyn immediately. But to his bad luck, the flight in which Satish was flying went missing within an hour from take off. Couple of hours later it was reported that the flight had crashed in the Arabian Sea and all the 72 passengers on board had died.

1 Month after the Crash
Akshata was recovering at a good pace. She became very sad on learning the death of her fiancée. She left her job and flew back to Bangalore with her parents. Her relatives started to blame that all these happened because of her bad luck. She was broken on hearing such things from her near and dear ones.

6 Months later,
Akshata joined a college as a lecturer. Ranjit helped her in getting this job. She wanted to change her profession as she felt, that will help her come out of all the bad things that had happened to her. She started to get close with Ranjit in the course of time as Ranjit was working as a lecturer in the same college. They both fell in love eventually and decided to get married.

2 Years later,
Akshata and Ranjit got married and began a new chapter of life. It was their first night together and in middle of the talks Akshata opened up about the mysterious person in her life who had gifted so many things for her for more than 15 years. She confessed to having saved all the letters and gifts given to her by this mysterious person. She asked Ranjit to treat her exactly like the way that mysterious person had written about in one of his letters. She searched for that letter and showed it to Ranjit. She said she always dreamt of having a husband as explained in this letter. She began to read the first line. Ranjit continued with the next lines without seeing the letter. He saw into her eyes and said the entire sentences as it were in that letter. There was a profound silence in the room and Akshata understood that her mysterious lover was none other than Ranjit. After a long pause, Ranjit for the first time proposed her seeing in her eyes and kissed her deep. Akshata was too happy and began kissing Ranjit crazily and hugged him tight and began crying in joy.
Ranjit thought to himself that what is rightfully yours will always be yours under any circumstance.

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