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The Golden Wing

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As the Greek king walked outside the kingdom ,all the soldiers saluted and bowed to him with respect and gratitude.
The king was very dynamic ,hugely built man with confidence glittering on his face and radiating in his personality . He was wise and very wealthy . He wore always a golden robe , easy to identify him from any distance. He sat on his horse and went for his leisure ride with some of his assistants. 
A pigeon admired all this from the attic of the kingdom . It observed the daily activities of the king keenly and followed him . 
It looked up to the sky and said 
"oh I wish I'd golden wings like the king ,
 I wish I'd all his powers and everything. Oh lord grant me this golden wing so shall my family and I lead a life of joy and peace ,
 and live life always at ease."
The pigeon admired the king every day and night and wished for a life like his desperately. Looking up to skies ,it would plead the god to give him golden wings literally everyday as his beautiful wife played with the younger ones unknowing the husband's desires.
One day when the pigeon was praying to god to grant his wish of getting golden wings, it heard a voice that said
 " Oh my friend think before your wish is granted,
 Golden wings does not come In ease, for the one who holds shall be ready for sacrifices , 
of family of self and everything he desires". 
It was a Mallard duck with green neck and white body and golden wings of course! The pigeon still looking up to skies answers to the duck
 " it shall be any sacrifice , and I'm ready for it , with golden wings once I get , I shall have no fear in my heart even a bit ".

" have no doubt my lord , I will make myself deserving for the golden wings and shall appreciate the same , 
and fight until my last breath and if I fail I will take the blame ". 
Said the pigeon looking up to skies still as though talking to the god.
The duck further says "All right then , it seems like you have made up your mind , your wish shall be granted in kind , 
3 days to prove your worth in golden wings I give , 
and you turn back to your own life if you still live".

And in a wink of an eye everything changes. The pigeon opens its eyes and realises it has become the Greek king with all the soldiers surrounding him, and of course the golden wing on his back. It is still analysing if it's a dream or reality and a voice from behind says "Oh dear king , if you are ready ,time has come for you to address the court and hear what our countrymen have to say " . 
As He walks in the corridor leading to the court all the soldiers and countrymen bow to him. A sense of pride and joy awakens in his heart.
He enters the hall of court and all the people gathered salute and bow to him . He sits on his throne and the court begins. Every person who speaks in the court will start listing the problems that the kingdom is facing and the king ( the pigeon transformed ) thinks to himself
 " oh no ! What is that I hear from all these men , 
so many problems , in this seemingly heaven. 
what did I think about the golden wings! my world there was so much easy and safer . 
For my problem was to just protect my family from any predator." 
A voice from his side Whispers in his ears " think over and think again , my majesty think of all the loss and pain . 
For 3 days is all that you have got in this land ,and I warn you this war shall not put you in vain" . The king shockingly looks from where this voice rose, and finds out that it is his minister who was the duck which granted the wish. The minister looks into the eyes of the king giving a warning smile.
"I've given my word to the lord for granting my desire , 
I will fight till I die come what may I shall not fear, 
for the golden wings is my strength and fire , 
and I shall win everything with it in this world here." He 
Day one in his granted time is over. 

In the next wink of an eye the king sees himself in the war field fighting bravely with his enemies ,for his countrymen. He is ferociously defeating the enemy soldiers but yet in the end of the day has not won the war still. As the sunset calmed down the atmosphere , the war has been winded off for the day. The king with bruises on his body , wounded limbs , and heavy heart sits on a rock to rest for a while. As he sees around , the people , his countrymen all wounded , some dead , some hurt badly , everything seems a chaos , a thought slowly arises in mind as he talks to himself " What have I done, what am I doing ? 
Is this what I was wanting ?
I prayed for this life , I asked for the golden wing. 
Was I wrong , am I responsible for whatever is happening ? 
What if I lose this war and these men all here lose everything ! 
What have I done to them , I'm such a bad king ! " and as he glances around all the faces around him in the war field , he sees again his minister looking at him and smiling . Quickly he makes up mind and looks up the skies and says 
"oh dear lord ! As the word I gave to you, I shall fight until I can , and not give up till the end.
I will neither let you down nor anyone ,on me ,who depend .
My duty is to defeat my foes and for my men I will defend,
Ready to sacrifice everything I have, as a king and as a friend."
Day 2 in his granted time is over.

Day 3 and the last day of his granted time.
He's fighting courageously and is brisk in his moves, trying to end the war before his time ends, to win the battle for all the countrymen , for his family who trust in him immensely. He wants to prove his worth to god for granting his wish and prove himself that with golden wings he can win everything. The battle is going on , it's almost the end of the day , plenty of arrows are coming his way he's fighting and oh no what's happening , he suddenly changes into a pigeon in a wink of an eye. Oh no! What now ? All the people in the battle field are shouting " it's a bird! Kill it it's blocking our way ! It is obstructing our fight ! Kill it at once! " and there are arrows and knifes in air all around . 
The king turned into a pigeon . The pigeon came back to its life losing its golden wing. It is now stuck in the war field unable to help itself from arrows falling back and forth . It is panicking and the fear is striking in its heart unaware to escape from its own mistake . 
Suddenly an idea flashes its mind and the pigeon flies high as much as it can and flies beyond the clouds. It then looks for its family from above , it looks at all the chaos it has made down there as a king. "What should be done , what shall I do ?
Can I escape for my life, with my family too ,
Alas! I couldn't become a king wise and true , 
Im Just a coward and helpless bird which shamelessly ,away from all which flew" .
"No I've to do something , but have no golden wing , have no power ,
I have to fight till life ends , till the last hour, 
For my victory will be my worth I prove to my god and to all the people for the love they shower .
A king lives up to his believers and shall never be a dour." 
It looks around in confusion. The pigeon wants to somehow win the battle but has no power, no weapons to fight, no strength to defeat the enemy men, no speech , nothing at all . It surely dies if it flies back to the war field within no time. 
As it is seeing down it spots the king of the enemy kingdom and analyses the only way to win the war is to kill the king . But how ? 
As it still flatters it's wings and tries to stay above the clouds , it closes its eyes and thinks what can be done and comes up with an idea.
It put all its strength and flew back towards the enemy king in full force , flies as fast as it can and pokes his eye with its beak. The king falls down and his own arrow slaughters his throat and he dies. The pigeon falls down on the ground unconsciously. Everything stops and the whole atmosphere is paused .
After a while , the pigeon slowly tries to get back to consciousness. With eyes half opened , slightly blurred vision, unaware if it is alive or dead , sees the minister walking towards it . The pigeon lays on the ground with wounds on its body finding hard to get up.As the minister approaches , 
Pigeon : (with anxiety and anticipation and shaky voice filled with pain ) 
so tell me my minister did I as a king win the war ? 
Minister just smiles at the pigeon
Pigeon : Tell me , have all the sacrifices all the pain paid off ?
did I live up to expectations of my people , of my god ? Did I prove my worth in the wish that was granted ? 
Tell me did I deserve the golden wing ? 
Please Tell me everything!
Minister : Indeed haha 
But how ? As a pigeon just a bird with no powers , no weapons , no life guards , no golden wing .
You won with nothing but your will power, you turned into a bird in the war field but were still a king in your thoughts and so you fought despite Having Nothing in your hand.
My dear all these days you were in an illusion that your life will become better only if you have the golden wing and so you failed to appreciate what you have and failed to live in the present.Your happiness is in your thoughts . You are already a king of your own life. Your golden wing is already existing , you just have to see it , feel it inside. You are you and that is your greatest power.

And now what the pigeon will do is up to your imagination. What would you do if you were in its place?
Don't you feel We all are that pigeon in one way or the other. We fail to see our treasures and powers sometimes  , trying to see what others have , and so suffer in turn . Everything is in our mind and heart. Happiness is within us not outside. It is an internal feeling. We can be happy with or without anything . We just have to seek our mind and heart and sometimes yes need a duck, a guardian or a sign to show us our capabilities and worth. A person will not know his abilities until he tries. Everyone is unique and special in their own way just that we need to search within us instead of searching it elsewhere.

And here - The End .
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