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Standing by the window of a closed room, Utkarsh gets lost in an incomplete flashback which shows a car being hit by a lorry. He shakes his head tenses his muscles trying to remember what happened to him. Saadhav, a friend of Utkarsh, puts his hand on Utkarsh’s shoulder and says “Don't dwell on past, everything will be fine”. Utkarsh turns back and asks “Who am I?”

Saadhav takes a deep breath and answers his question. Utkarsh and his elder brother Aakash were the directors of a company called Saagarika Group of Companies, which is a multi-million dollar company named after their mother Saagarika. The board had three more directors namely Saahasya, Athreya and Atharva. Six months ago police got an Intel that few professional killers were paid to eliminate Utkarsh and Aakash. That was when ACP Saadhav, a friend of Utkarsh, took charge of providing security to both of them. Two months ago Aakash had to travel to Dubai for a business meeting and unfortunately he was shot dead as soon as he landed in Dubai. On the same day, Utkarsh’s car was hit by a speeding lorry which resulted in Utkarsh losing his memory. From then Saadhav is taking care of Utkarsh at a private farmhouse in an undisclosed location. Only other people who have access to this place are the other 3 board of directors.

Utkarsh broke down on hearing the loss of his brother. He asked Saadhav that he wants to see his body and perform last rights. Saadhav continued the story saying since Utkarsh was in the coma for a month, Saadhav went ahead and claimed the body and performed the last rights of Aakash. On hearing this Utkarsh’s cry increased and Saadhav unable to bear his cry left Utkarsh to be in his sorrow alone. Utkarsh spent a sleepless night standing by the window, lost in his deep thoughts.

Utkarsh decided to give away his part of the share to a trust started by his father and go to a far off place and live his remaining life as a complete stranger. He asked Saadhav to inform the other 3 directors to prepare the necessary papers and get them. Saadhav was shocked at his decision and unable to force him to change his mind left in disappointment. Saadhav went out of the room and lit a cigarette in disappointment. Continuing to smoke he got lost in a flashback.

6 months ago, Saadhav’s team caught two contract killers who gave the details of the plot to kill Utkarsh and Aakash during the interrogation. They mentioned that the contract was given by Saahasya, Athreya, and Atharva. Saadhav dug deep about the issue and found out that Utkarsh wanted to give away all his shares to a trust opened by his father and this irked his brother Aakash and other 3 board members. Aakash found out that if Utkarsh dies before writing all his shares to a trust opened by his father, the shares come to a different trust owned by him. He devised a plan along with Saashya, Athreya, and Atharva to eliminate Utkarsh so that they can enjoy his 40% of shares in Saagarika Group of Companies. Saadhav decided to take advantage of the situation and joined hands with Aakash to eliminate Utkarsh.

As per their plan, Saadhav provided the security cover for Utkarsh while waiting for right time to eliminate him. They planned few encounters wherein they wanted to show death to Utkarsh while keeping him alive. They wanted to break Utkarsh at the same time wanted him to move away from public life.

Seeing this Atharva got irritated and asked the remaining people why don't we just kill him. Saahasya and Athreya also felt that they were just wasting their time by not killing Utkarsh once for all. After a long discussion, Aakash finally gave a go ahead to kill Utkarsh. As per their plan Aakash left for Dubai and at the same time they decided to kill Utkarsh in a road accident by using a lorry.

Saadhav finished his smoke and called up saahasya and informed him about Utkarsh's decision to write off his shares for a trust opened by his father. Saahasya said that he will get the papers ready as they want and force him to sign them.

Saahasya along with Athreya and Atharva came to meet Utkarsh and tried to convince him to not take such decision and if at all he wants to do something for the society they asked him to write his shares for the trust owned by his brother Aakash. They went ahead and wrote all their shares to the same trust and asked Utkarsh to do the same.

Before signing on those papers Utkarsh asked them if they saw Aakash’s body when Saadhav performed last rites. Saahasya replied saying that they couldn’t be a part of it. With a small grin on his face, Utkarsh said, “You always felt that if I die my shares were going to go for the trust owned by my brother where all of you are trustees. And when you recently discovered that it actually goes to a trust opened by my father where I hold complete control you spent bundles of currency to save me so that I can sign these papers for you” Everyone were surprised by his words and Saadhav who was sitting next to Utkarsh drew his weapon and kept it to Utkarsh's head. Saahasya got up and said, “Well you got it right. Your share is worth 2,000 crores. We get to enjoy every single paise if it's in our trust. We played your brother against you. We didn't know that if you die your part of the shares go to your father's trust until recently. We didn't want to kill either of you. If you both had written off your shares to our trust we would have spared both of your lives. We wanted to keep everything simple and normal to avoid undue attention. Since you took a U-turn we had to eliminate both of you. We decided to kill your brother as his shares automatically come to our trust. And we decided to break you and make you sign our papers.”

Utkarsh intervened in middle and said, “The power of money corrupts all relationships. It's an iceberg in the ocean which sinks any ship. If you had decided to keep me alive then how come I met with that road accident? Firstly did I really met with that road accident? And secondly, do you really think that you planned all these?”

Everyone went into a state of shock on listening to Utkarsh’s speech. They knew they didn't plan it correctly but then they believed that this plan was theirs. Athreya broke his silence and said, “How does it matter now? What's happened has happened? What's going to happen we know that.”

“And what's that?” Asked Utkarsh. “You are going to die. It's your death” replied Athreya. Utkarsh began to laugh loudly and said, “Relax, I will sign the papers. You need not kill me for this. I have no interest in this money. You could have asked this from me directly instead of all this drama.”

Everybody got surprised with a shock and before they began to ask anything Utkarsh continued saying “Oh! No tricks, nothing. Pass those papers.” Utkarsh took those papers and signed in all of them and gave it to them. Saahasya took those papers verified everything and became very happy and asked Utkarsh what he wanted. Utkarsh asked for a ticket to London with some cash. Everybody agreed to it happily and arranged for an immediate flight ticket and also transferred 1 crore rupees to his account.

As soon as his flight took off, Saadhav got arrested Saahasya, Athreya, and Atharva on charges of attempt to murder, cheating, criminal breach of trust, and criminal conspiracy making them lose all powers on the trust and on the money.

On landing in London airport Utkarsh was received by his brother Aakash who both had a big laugh while greeting each other and slipped into a flashback where Aakash informed Utkarsh about the plot by Saahasya to rob their shares over a drink with Saadhav 6 months ago. Utkarsh saw an opportunity here to enjoy all those money including those of Saahasya's, Athreya's, and Atharva's if transferred to a trust from where they can transfer that money to hundreds of other accounts if they owned complete control over that trust. Utkarsh devised a plan wherein he wanted Saahasya, Athreya, and Atharva to make serious criminal mistakes so that they can be removed from the trust with fewer efforts. Everything worked as per his plan and they got to enjoy millions of dollars without spilling a drop of blood.

Saadhav called up Utkarsh and gave a happy news about the successful arrest of all three. Utkarsh with a big laugh replied back saying “Thank You!”

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