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The Greek Sword

Writer DP! Aarclin Jackson 06 Aug 17 59 Views


AN: So this is my first series so hope all you guys out there like it . It's Greek based because I love Greece and all the Greeky stuff . So, let's begin .

No one knew it. Absolutely no one in Troranta. Except the golden eyed and black haired boy . In Troranta lives were saved by magic and swords,  people were waiting for one person , The Greek Sword . But Lucas knew who that was . Oh he knew the person very well .
Because it was him......   Lucas Ettrick , he was The True Greek Sword, their saviour,  Troranta's saviour.  And he didn't want anyone to know about this.  He wanted a normal life. 
But he couldn't.  He never did , he doesn't and he never will ..........The Greek Sword. 
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