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The beguile of Kali

Writer DP! James Newton 05 Aug 17 70 Views


 “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” -Napoléon Bonaparte 

The Brobdingnagian and perhaps the most hushed heist of 21st century is not something where wealth  was stolen or resources were

curbed , it was the heist of thoughts , beliefs , and reality with no note written . The misguided animal with it's lust , ignorance  ,

helplessness and craving for approval or whatever it formed a loose mountain of landslides with none yet in history .  Some call it mass

hysteria , some call it as

 “The beguile of Kali

Following series is a story of agencies and kingdoms across the planet involved in foreplay and orgy to consummate a timeworn dream

of making whole world as one's dynasty . will they be successful ?

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